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Project Brief:

With Friends of St Lawrence’s school kindly agreeing to do some fundraising to help to pay for the new equipment, St Lawrence’s School’s main priority for the new equipment was to give the children the opportunity to be able to climb.

St Lawrence’s School wanted to change their playground so that the children had something exciting to do at break times. They were looking for climbing equipment that was challenging and had real holding power for the children. St Lawrence’s looked in the market place but found most products on offer were linear boards that had no real challenge. They were looking for something unique.


The Result:

KOMPAN installed the Bloqx 2, a dynamic and unique climbing product. Children of all abilities can use the Bloqx and build up their confidence as they develop their cognitive and physical skills by changing their route or angle to climb the unit. On the top space of the Bloqx 2 is a comfortable meeting and social place is shaped where the two modules meet. The Bloqx also comes with curriculum compliant teaching materials, where the school can use the unit to teach maths.



“Since having our BLOQX 2 equipment installed we did initially have children turning up early for school and leave late so we introduced a reward system for using the equipment which worked really well to incentivise the children and reduce the number of them using it at any one time. It is marvellous to see them making up their own games, playing hide and seek and interacting with each other in such a positive way. We are looking forward to the arrival of a new maths co-ordinator in the near future so that we can really use the maths learning materials which come with the BLOQX and get the kids outdoors and learning maths in the real world, in an active way. We would definitely recommend the BLOQX equipment to other schools.”

Maureen Smith, School Business Manager

“We love the BLOQX because we can climb on it and do dancing and even sliding!!”

Brandon – Year 5

“It’s really good for hanging out with your friends and relaxing but we can use it for dancing around and it is cool to climb.”

Lydia & Vicky – Year 5

“I can climb all over it! The hardest way to get up is at the front where there aren’t as many grips to hold on to but I can still do it!”

Paris – Year 5

Location: York
Date of Installation: 
July 2015
Age Group: 
Product Range: 
Galaxy Bloqx
Grass Matt
Project Value: 

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